The Lies

One Without

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Why is it that we have to do all these things
We don´t like and do things we despise
When we'd rather be alive and thrive in
The way we're supposed to, in the way we were designed

We try to leave it all behind
but can we ever make it
When we are lost
The lies
No more lies
Now how could we go back

You try to escape but you don't realize it's
the same kind of fight you've just turned it around
and you´ll find no relief in the easy way out,
You should stick to your guns and never give in to their Lies

Never give in to their lies
it's all lies

Can't you ever understand that the way things work aren't meant to be
All we ever wanted was the right to know
and who decided we are meant to search in the dark Forever
When all we ever wanted was the right to know

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